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Fun Activities to Help Your Preschooler Learn Healthy Habits

Posted on 06-15-2015


With summer approaching, health conscious parents will spend more time exercising outdoors. From yoga and jogging to preparing healthy meals, many parents enjoy a strong commitment to nutrition and fitness, which is the best way to help a preschooler learn healthy habits. Infants, toddlers, and preschool children learn many of their values from parents. This is a great age for a parent to take advantage of the teaching opportunity to demonstrate beneficial habits for better health and nutrition.

Take a look at these fun activities to help your preschool child learn healthy habits.

  • When you exercise find modified ways your child can exercise along with you. If you exercise at home, purchase a mat for your child’s exercise routine. Be sure to encourage regularly, even if your child’s routine looks different from yours. The goal is for your preschool child to move and have fun.
  • Play some of your child’s favorite music while you exercise together.
  • When you exercise outside, take your child with you even with a skateboard, bicycle, tricycle, or motorized car, etc.
  • Talk to your child about the reason you eat healthy. Discuss nutrients and the benefits of vegetables, protein, and whole grains. Try to make some healthy foods that your child can enjoy.
  • Have an exercise play date, and invite another parent and child to join you.
  • Let your child help you create healthy meal alternatives that you both can enjoy.
  • Encouraging regularly! Let your child know how proud you are of the effort and how much you enjoy exercising and being healthy together.

Exercise and good nutrition have great benefits for preschool children and adults. It’s much easier to practice a healthy lifestyle when the concept is introduced at an early age. It’s even better when a child observes a healthy parent who make exercise fun and inviting.

Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academy of Wake Forest understands the need for children to be active and healthy. That’s why our chef prepares daily healthy meals including vegetarian options. Our infants, toddlers and preschool children get plenty of time to interact and move. For more information on how we support health and nutrition for preschool children contact us for a tour and see our excellence in action!

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