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Fun Learning Activities

Posted on 09-29-2016

One parent has found the perfect fun activity: Instagram.

Okay, not really, but on his Instagram account this dad provides hours of educational instruction for his children. He creates little activities through which his children learn about science, colors, and physics.

A video from last month went viral when he showed how you can make a beautiful rainbow with a plate full of Skittles. Simply place Skittles around the edge of a plate and pour water in the middle. Voila. The colors on the Skittles run down into the middle of the plate, creating a nice little rainbow.

Another video shows him with four glasses of colored water: two blue and two yellow. The blues are placed on top, but only one of them mixes with the yellow! Read the caption to find out why.

Another one is seriously interesting—and simple. Grab a big bottle of water and a packet of ketchup. Place the ketchup in the water and screw on the cap to the water. Now, squeeze. The ketchup is sinking! Why’s that?

These are the easiest, most interesting activities you could do with your children on a rainy day. The activities will teach them the basics of all sorts of sciences, while still having fun!

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