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How to Teach Communication Skills to Preschoolers

Posted on 05-02-2017

Communication is key to our existence, and the earlier that your preschooler can learn to effectively communicate their thoughts and emotions, the better. Here are a few tips that you can consider to help your little one communicate with the world around them.

Read to your preschooler.

Reading aloud to your child is arguably the most effective way to build communication skills. When your little ones can read on their own, have them read as much as they can! But until then, you’re their storyteller. Find books of great literature to read to your children and encourage them to talk about the things that they learned from the books. Try to refrain from explaining the books as you read along, and instead read it straight through and see if your child can retain the details of the storyline without extra explanation by you. This will increase their reading comprehension too!

Talk to your preschooler.

Try not to talk in baby talk to your preschooler. Talk to them as if they have the communication capabilities of an adult. Firstborn children are often the best communicators because they spend more one-on-one time with their parents.

Listen to your preschooler.

Listening is four times more important than talking. Listen when your child speaks to positively reinforce the fact that you hear what they’re saying and are comprehending and reacting accordingly. Let them tell you about their day, about their feelings, and about the unbelievable things that happened in their imagination.

Provide plenty of opportunity for your child to communication with people of all ages.

It is good to spend time communicating with peers, but it is very important for preschoolers to learn to communicate with people of all ages. Provide frequent opportunities for your little one to communicate with those older than them. Let them spend time with both grandparents and babies.

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