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Raising an Independent Child

Posted on 11-22-2016

It only takes a few weeks to observe a precious newborn baby beginning to discover the world around him. From observing and looking around to rolling over, crawling, and walking, every child eventually progresses down the road to independence. It doesn’t matter if a child receives care in the home, at a daycare, or in preschool, the desire for independence will be evident.

As a parent, it’s important to give your child plenty of room to grow in his independence. A child’s level of independence will vary at every age. A toddler will learn to feed himself and will grow to dress himself. Eventually, your child will read to you, and tell you about his own thoughts that may not be the same as yours. This display of independence may be a shock to you initially, but be encouraged: this is a normal part of growth and development. Watch as your child learns to figure things out and overcome small obstacles without your assistance.

As you allow your child to grow through the process of developmental independence, you are also helping to increase his confidence. When your child works to connect a toy or get an item to fit into a container, give him time to figure it out without your help. Working in this manner is a vital part of your child’s developmental process and an important learning experience. As he solves his own challenges, be sure to offer encouragement, praise, and affirmation. Of course, continue to help with the many needs that your child can’t handle on his own.

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